WoW – Giddy-Up!

I hit level 40 last weekend in World of Warcraft, and was finally able to purchase a mount. Sweet! Aside from just being able to get around faster, these things are the real status symbol of achieving level 40+. I remember being a low level character, checking out all of the high-level folks heading out of town on their mounts - and how I had to hoof it across the same terrain at half the speed.

I've also come across a couple of cool sights while exploring the world in this game, and you can see a few of screenshots below. The first image reminded me of the huge Christ statue on a mountaintop overlooking Rio de Janeiro. The second image is of a dam in the game world that holds back an enormous lake - I really dig the dwarven faces carved into the dam, with the water spilling out of their mouths. Cool visual.