First Snow

A week or so ago, we had our first snow of the season. It was probably less than a inch total, but it was really sticky and the kids somehow managed to make a pair of snowmen anyway.

Snow Angel

This is the best example of a snow angel I've ever seen one of our kids make. Apparently, having a half inch of snow and doing it on the driveway is the trick.

Sean’s Photo

Sean asked if he could try the camera the other day, after watching me take some pictures for a while. Out of the dozens of random photos he took, I really like this one. Carter was bouncing on one of those balls that you sit on and hold the handle. He caught her mid-bounce.


Maybe it's just because it has been getting cold these days, but the girls have been extra cuddly with each other lately.

More Weed Pots

And here are a whole bunch of weed pots that I made as Christmas presents. These are a blast to make. I can usually make one start to finish in one session, and they have no 'set' pattern, so they really give me a chance to get creative. I think I need to make a bunch more of these to scatter around our house. As an added bonus, all of these weed pots were made from wood that I gathered on our property.


Here are a set of screwdrivers that I turned on the lathe for Christmas presents as well. They came out great! I still have one more kit so that I can make one for myself.

Hickory Bowl

Here's a bowl I turned for my Mom for Christmas. The wood came from a hickory tree that fell in our yard a few years ago. I really love the color of this piece. I've been getting a lot of my turning stock from trees that have fallen on our property.

Bottle Stoppers

I've had pics of a few woodturning projects ready to post, but I was waiting until after Christmas so that I wouldn't let the cat out of the bag. Here some bottle stoppers I made.


At Carter's school, they had each child explain how to make a Thanksgiving turkey, and they wrote them all down. Lori thought that Carter's was so hilarious, that she asked them to cut it out so she could put it on our fridge. Just in case you can't read it, it says: "You just put it in the oven or maybe the microwave, or maybe not anything. 'Cause I don't really know 'cause Mom has never made a turkey." Heh. It's not that we've never had turkey at home - it's just that I always cook our turkeys, instead of Mom.


The other day, I've got Sean in the tub. I've already finished washing him, so he's just happily playing in there while I read my book. Then out of nowhere he just stops and says to me, "when I'm a grown-up and I make a baby - it sounds really hard. Maybe I could just put the skeleton together...?" And that last part was delivered with the shoulders up, in a shrug. He cracked me up. I found out later from Lori that earlier that day he was telling Lori about what he would do when he was older and had a baby in his stomach. And Lori told him, "Oh no, honey. Boys don't have babies in their stomachs. Mommies do that. But the boy helps to make the baby." And then she changed the subject - he's only five, for crying out loud, and not quite ready for details. But he got in his head that the boy actually helps MAKE - as in 'assemble' - the baby, and was concerned about the difficulty of that puzzle. I love it.