Carter’s Drawings, Paintings and Sculptures

This is just a random collection of recent artwork Carter has made. I love that she experiments with lots of different mediums - this set of photos includes a pencil drawing, a colored pencil piece, a watercolor stained-glass style painting, a set of three acrylic paintings, and some clay sculptures.

Framed Linocuts

I recently built a frame-making jig for my table saw, and have been using it to make a bunch of frames for the linocuts I made last year. They're all now hanging in my workshop - which really helps make it feel more like a creative space than just a dusty old woodshop.

Sitting Lizard

I recently made this little "sitting lizard" for the shelf above my monitors at home. He's made from an aluminum wire armature and Super Sculpey oven-bake clay. I think he's cute - it looks like he's just kicking back and soaking up the sunshine.

Lasercut Signs

Here a couple of new lasercut projects. The first is a pair of signs I built up in layers of lasercut pieces, then painted. The second is a clock in the shape of a hotdog, because ... why not?

Wailmer Linocut

Made another Pokemon linocut a while ago, but forgot to post it here. This one is Wailmer, which is one of my daughter's favorite Pokemon. This photo is of the cut block - I've pulled a print from it already, but don't have a photo of that yet.

Sign For Emmie

A while ago my sister asked me if I could make a sign for her for her daughter's room. She had seen some that she liked on Etsy, but they were more expensive than she wanted to pay. Challenge accepted!

Pokemon Lincocuts

I've been doing some more linocuts lately, and have started using Pokemon as inspiration - they're fun and interesting, and there a hundreds of potential subjects to do if I decide to keep going with these. The one on the left is Magikarp (a notoriously weak and pitiful Pokemon), and the one on the right is Bulbasaur - although this isn't a photo of the actual print, but rather of the cut linoleum block before I've ever tried to pull a print from it. I plan to try and pull the first print from that block later today.

More Linocuts

I've still been enjoying the linocut process quite a bit - it's very deliberate and relaxing. Here are a couple of recent ones I've completed. The one on the left is The Maxx (from an old show I used to watch on MTV in high school), and the one on the right is Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender (a show I've watched with my kids that is surprisingly awesome).

Linocut Block Prints

I remember trying a little linocut block printing in high school, and have always thought I might try it again someday. So I've been messing around with it lately, and have made three so far. My favorite so far is the round one - it's a scene from the Avatar: The Last Airbender show, and is Zuko during the last Agni Kai with Azula. Will definitely be trying more of these. I need to get some 'real' paper for this, though - I've been using generic "mixed media' paper from Walmart, but I think it's time to try some 'official' block printing rice paper.

Glavenus Sculpture

I've been trying to think of things to sculpt from clay, and got the idea of making a series of mounted monster heads, from the Monster Hunter series. This one is Glavenus. It went pretty well - the sculpting went better than the painting, but it all went well enough that I think I'm going to try another one.