I've been having a lot of fun making mugs lately, and experimenting with different shapes, sizes, glazes, and decorating techniques. I plan to make a whole bunch before Christmas, to give away at our Christmas party. Below are the two most recent batches.

Kitchen Pull-Outs

I've been working my way through our kitchen, and adding pull-out drawers to all of the lower cabinets. It makes the space a lot more useful, and also a lot easier to access. I've also turned a few of our narrower upper cabinets into pull-outs as well (but forgot to take a picture of those) - turning one into a pull-out spice rack, one for cleaning supplies, etc.

Refrigerator Pickles

We've had an 'accidental cucumber plant growing in our compost pile this year - best I can guess is that when I tore up the garden at the end of the season last year and tossed the leftover stuff on the compost pile, one of the cucumber seeds must have sprouted this spring. It's been producing a _ton_ of cucumbers, so sliced a bunch up to make a batch of refrigerator sweet pickles with them. I added some red and white onion too - I love pickled onions. Good stuff.

Sleepy Gary

Carter and I were making stuff out of polymer clay a few weeks ago, and I made Sleepy Gary, from Rick and Morty. He's now on the shelf with my other Rick and Morty collectible stuff. For the base, I even tried to match the nasty color of the living room carpet from the episode Sleepy Gary was in.

Snuggle Pup

Sean took this picture of Amber and I snuggling in for a Saturday nap. She is legitimately the 'snuggliest' dog I have ever encountered. She eventually settled he head onto my shoulder and snored against my next for the better part of an hour.

Bean Pot

This is probably the piece of pottery I am most proud of so far. It's a bean pot, with a lid. The lid fits perfectly, and the glaze looks really awesome in person. It's really hard to get a good photo - the glaze is so shiny that pictures never really come out. But trust me, it's cool. :)

Wall Decoration Finished

I finished and hung the decorations I had been working on in the previous post. We're pretty happy with how they came out! And it has definitely made a difference on the audio problems we were having in there. It's still not perfect, but there is definitely a significant improvement.

Wall Decoration

Our living room has a high ceiling, which leads to lots of bare sections of flat wall up high. Because of this, when we watch the TV in there the audio is always sort of muddy - just too many reflective surfaces and echoes. In an attempt to break up those flat planes with some texture, I'm making these decorations for the wall above the window in the second picture. They're made of lots of scraps and offcuts of hardwood that I've been unable to throw away over the years. They're also lots of different thicknesses, which should help break up the reflections even more. Once I get them finished and installed we'll see if it helps!

A Good Batch

Finally had a batch of glazed pots come out of the kiln and I was happy with every piece. Usually there are at least a few duds or mistakes in every load - but this time they all looked great!

Bedside Table

Sean asked me to make him a bedside table so he's got somewhere to charge his phone at night, have a lamp, etc. I made this out of red oak, and in a mid-century modern style. That's not normally the style of furniture I build, but it was a fun change of pace. He likes sort of a 'minimalist' look in his room, and I thought this style would go well with that.