From the Archives – Honor Roll

I found this in a stack of Lori's old stuff. It lists Lori and I as being on honor roll in 7th grade. It's weird to look at that list, and realize that I know almost every person on there. Barring just one or two exceptions, I haven't seen any of those people since graduation. It's strange how fast you lose touch, and how "meh" I feel about that. And not to call you out or anything, but - Chris, Dan - where are you on that list? Slackers. :P

One thought on “From the Archives – Honor Roll”

  1. I like to think of myself as a chronic underachiever.
    I went through and looked at the names and recognize most of them too. Hadn’t thought of some of those names… ever? Been a while, even for people I was friendly with.

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