HTPC Follow-Up

Well, it's been a few months since we started using the HTPC, and the verdict is in - we love it. It passed the wife-acceptance-test, which is the critical tipping point for any geeky husband to get one of his projects into the living room. It's funny though - we are using it differently than I had anticipated. Originally, I figured that the features we would use the most would be games (for me) and movies (for Lori). But it turns out that the feature that gets the heaviest workout is recording shows for the kids. We has actually turned out to be a lifesaver for our bedtime routine - I could only have watched the same dozen or so "goodnight shows" so much longer before I would have snapped. Now, we've increased the size of our library of kid's shows dramitically. But the feature that Lori and I are having the hardest time adjusting to is the fact that we can pause live TV. It must just be all those years on conditioning - we still wait for commercials if we need to get up for something. And on the very rare occasion that we do remember that we can pause, we both feel so high-tech and futuristic, even though any redneck with a TiVO has been doing this for a long time.