Recent Woodworking Projects

I'm finally getting back into woodworking, after a long hiatus. The last time I built anything was before Sean was born. So, by popular request (well, maybe only Dad's request), here are some pictures of projects that I've been working on.

This first pair of picures are of a toybox I've been making for Sean. It's made of pine, and only needs a couple coats of poly and some hinges before we can put it into use. It's my own design, simple as it is. It came out much bigger than I had pictured it in my mind, but that just means more room for toys!

This next set of pictures are of a Morris chair that I am making. It is getting pretty close to done. I need to attach the back to the rest of the chair, install a bottom to support the cushion, and cut some decorative brackets to go between the arms and the legs. Then I will need to sand, finish, and make some cushions so I can try it out! It's made of solid black walnut. Some of the pieces of walnut have some great figure. I've wiped a few spots down with mineral spirits to give you an idea of what it will look like under finish. This chair is pretty big - Sean will be able to sit in it with me until he's 4 or 5, probably.

These next two pictures are of a steel string guitar that I had started over a year ago, before Sean was born. I still plan to finish it someday. The back (and sides, eventually) are quartersawn bubinga, with some decorative stripes of maple and ebony. The top is bearclaw sitka spruce. The rosette is made of spalted maple and bubinga, with trim of maple and ebony. I am especially proud of the rosette. Not only is it the most complicated one I have ever made, but it is also the best quality. All of the pieces fit together tightly, with no gaps anywhere. I can't wait to finish this one someday.

This last picture is of a decorative box I made over a year ago. It wasn't meant for anything specific - I was just noodling around in the shop one weekend. It was inspired by a photo I saw in a book. All I really need to do is trim the pivot pins and apply a finish, and it would be done. I'd like to finish it and keep it on my desk at work, and maybe put some candy or something in it. I don't have anything I've made at work, and people have asked me what kind of stuff I make. I'm kind of proud of this little box, so maybe I should show it off.

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  1. You have come a long way since we were banging on lumps of wood in art class (and various other places). I still can’t drive past a tree with a burl (I think, one of those funny, wart-like lumps) without thinking of you.

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