Philco 40-180

My latest project. I'm restoring an old Philco console radio that I won on Ebay. I've always loved the look of 40's era console radios, and loved the idea of the family gathering around the radio each night to listen to serials, sports, and news from around the world. I've decided to restore the wooden cabinet of an old radio, and put a computer inside so we can use it to play back our collection of music, old-time radio adventure and sci-fi stories, and audiobooks. The cabinet I won is in rough shape, but is structurally sound - so it's a great candidate for restoration. The old tube radio inside is no longer functional. I'll start by stripping the finish, repairing the dents and scratches, and gutting the old electronics. I'm planning to post pictures here of the project as it progresses. These first shots are the "before" pics.

2 thoughts on “Philco 40-180”

  1. Are you going to leave the front panel/radio controls? It would be really cool if you could have a computer interface through the original controls.

  2. That’s the plan. I am currently taking apart the original radio chassis to see if I can still use the original controls. I’ve found a source for reproduction pushbuttons and dial scales, so I should be able to replace the damaged / missing parts in the front panel. I’m thinking I can use the original volume knob for volume, and find a way to use some of the other knobs for play/pause and back/next. I’m also thinking I can use the pushbuttons above the knobs for selecting music genres or playlists – something like that. And maybe use the original tuning knob for fast forward / rewind? I’m with you though – keeping the original controls and somehow using them in the new interface is high on my list of goals for this project.

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