Kerplunk Radio – Episode 1

Hey all! Give a listen to episode 1 of Kerplunk Radio! I'm planning to throw together a 20-30 minute podcast of independent music once every 2-4 weeks. Each show will have a theme - this episode's theme is music for kids. I'm hoping to use this as a way to share some great indie music I'm listening to with my friends and family. Let me know what you guys think! Right-click the "download mp3" button and choose "save-as" to save the show to your computer before listening. Here are the artists on this first show;

Bob Brown - Santa Bring Me a Dinosaur
Bill Crosby - Sleeping in the Car
Brian Waite Band - Bongo Baby Buck Howdy - Skidaddle
Erin Lee & Marci - Grampa and Me Katherine Dines - Goosebumps
Rick Scott - Biggest Ears