Plant Progress

A little over a year ago, I saved the seeds from some fruit we had eaten and tried planting them. We planted lemons, clementines, and an avocado. These plants are now about 15 months old, and I wanted to post an update on their status. One of the lemon trees and one of the clementines are in the left-hand photo, and the avocado is in the right-hand photo. As you can see, they are all doing pretty good. There are another half-dozen or so lemon trees that aren't in this photo, and all of them are doing about the same. They are *just* starting to develop actual bark on trunks, so that's pretty good! They say that it usually takes about three years to go from seed to the plant producing fruit, so it'll still be a while. But it's kind of fun to know that I started these trees from seeds.