Coverville – Did You Know?

There's a podcast I listen to called Coverville. The host of the show, Brian Ibbot, plays only cover songs - and usually some very interesting or obscure ones at that. Sometimes Brian does a theme show he calls "Originalville", where he plays the original versions of songs that were made much more famous by someone else as a cover. In those cases, most people don't even realize that the version they know is actually a cover of an earlier, less popular artist. The March 31st show was especially cool. Did you know that "Honky Tonk Woman" was not originally performed by the Rolling Stones? Or that "Oops, I Did it Again" was actually originally a 30's jazz song? Check out the March 31st episode of Coverville, and hear the originals!

One thought on “Coverville – Did You Know?”

  1. For those who are ready to tell me I am an idiot – rest assured, I know that those songs were originally written by the artists I mentioned. This episode of Coverville was actually the April Fool’s edition, and was great. Give it a listen. He actually had me fooled until embarassingly late in the episode.

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