What a Difference

It's amazing how different Sadie is this time around. When Sean was two months old, she couldn't even be allowed in the same room with him. She was obsessed and would do anything she could to get near him, and when she did manage to wiggle through she would lick his face so much that we were honestly concerned about whether he could breathe. He was almost nine months old before she finally started to relax around him, and we assumed the only thing that really changed was that he was big enough to push her away if he wasn't interested in her attention.

So of course we were very worried about whether we would have to go through the whole thing all over again once Carter was born. To our welcome surprise, Sadie has been amazing this time. We can play with Carter on the floor, and Sadie doesn't bother her. Sadie can sit with us on the couch, and get close without getting in the way. But this photo really demonstrates how different things are this time. Last night, carter was taking a little snooze on Lori before her evening meal. Sadie jumped up on the couch next to them, laid down, and snuggled right in to the baby - all without waking her up. It was heartwarming.