So far, Sean hasn't had a problem with his sister becoming the new owner of his old toys. He usually doesn't even notice those old playthings. But the Exersaucer got his attention. He spent a lot of time in there when he was small, and he loved every minute of it. Just for old time's sake, he climbed in again. As you can see, he doesn't quite fit anymore. But now Carter seems to be enjoying it too. I especially love the picture where something on the TV seems to have caaght her attention. And the picture of the two kids back to back warms my heart.

One thought on “Sharing”

  1. Joel, Just wanted you to know that every once in awhile I check in to see what is going on with you 4.
    Your photos are terrific, but I especially love your captioning.
    It was very sad going to Grandpa’s funeral and we missed you and thought of you. But though it was sad, Maria and I thought it seemed nice to see him looking peaceful and not struggling for a breath. I can only imagine from the times I have been at high altitude how hard that must be to face every day.
    He so much enjoyed your visits and was incredibly proud of you.
    It is nice to see you enjoying the time with the kids, and making good memories together.
    I hope one of these days are visits East/north coincide.
    Love you,
    “Auntie” Karen
    PS Vanessa & Cheyenne are doing great. Cheyenne just co-authored her first paper for a Chemistry journal! (I only understood the first paragraph)

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