Say Cheese!

Here are a couple of cute smiles. Unfortunately, Carter tends to wear a lot of white, and the only time Sean gives Lori the time to grab the camera is first thing in the morning - so most of our pics of Carter tend to be pretty washed out. But still, I think these two really capture her personality all the same. She smiles all the time now, which makes all the work so much more worth it. And this last pic is a little bonus. I couldn't resist throwing it in, because I think it is hilarious. Doesn't she look like Popeye? So far her forearms are regulation size, but we shall see. :)

One thought on “Say Cheese!”

  1. Dude, awesome. Avery is smiling all the time now, too. It is great. Has Carter started ‘talking’ yet? Avery is gurgling and giggling and squealing, and recently she has started using her formally happy sounds, laughs, etc, to express other opinions, like, hey, pick me up, or hey, change my diaper, which is weird. Like hearing someone say ‘hey, nice to see you’ through clenched teeth.
    Babies rule.

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