Rocket Scarecrow

At school today, the students in Sean's class had to make up Indian names for themselves. His teacher explained what kind of names were Indian names, and then asked the kids to make up their own. But most of the kids didn't get it, though. They said things like "Pilgrim", or "Indian". But Sean got it right away. He immediately belted out with "Rocket Scarecrow!" I think that makes a great Indian name. His teacher was impressed that he caught right on to the idea.

2 thoughts on “Rocket Scarecrow”

  1. that is classic. rocket scarecrow. i am not into tattoos, but that would be a good one. draw it up.

  2. Rocket Scarecrow… Sounds like something you would construct, and then it would blow up 1/2 mile above the UNH campus 🙂
    Steve and I are trying to find you, and I found this page again (and recent activity!) I had been following your blog for a few years after CATSAT, but somewhere between Sean and Carter I was not able to get to this page anymore and it fell off my radar.
    Anyways, congrats on your daughter and I hope to hear from you soon… Steve (Dude!) said that they have some questions about the CATSAT software – can you believe anyone even looks at that anymore? I was surprised!

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