Rocket Boots

One recent night after I came home from work, Sean showed me the Christmas list that Mommy had helped him write. Among the normal things on his list - blocks, spider man action figures, etc. - was something that caught my eye. Rocket boots. So I started asking him about them, to try to find out why he wanted rocket boots. He has playing at the time, so at first he gave me his usual one- or two-word, distracted answers. But after I pressed him for a bit, he finally opened up and told me all about the boots. He said that they were red, blue, and orange, and ran on batteries. He said he needed them to fight an evil sandwich maker on the planet Green (I swear, I am not making this up!), and when he went to the planet Bumblebee, he could use the rockets to "burn up fighter guys". He told me much more than that, but this is all I managed to jot down before it all slipped out of my head.