We took Sean Trick-or-Treating tonight - or at least, we walked around the neighborhood in a costume. He did three full laps around the block, but only actually stopped at one house. And I had to trick him into going up to that house by luring him with a peanut butter M&M. But he still had a blast. We don't usually go out walking at night, and all the neighborhood kids were out too, so that made it extra interesting for him. Good times.

2 thoughts on “Roar!”

  1. We have hundreds of halloween photos on the paper’s website, put there by yours-truly. And while spending hours messing around with by my halloween pictures and our readers, I couldn’t help but think about how I can’t wait to take Avery out on Halloween!

  2. Last year we put Sean in a costume, but just stayed at the house. He wasn’t walking yet or eating foods as solid as candy, so it didn’t seem worth it to go. But this year was awesome. He had such a good time. He hated that costume at first, while we were still in the house. But as soon as I got him outside, he perked right up and was ready for some adventure. The first year, holidays are a little rough because they can’t do too much. But you are in for some serious fun next year!

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