Ice Storm

Texas winters are usually fairly boring - they are just the slightly chilly period between hot seasons. But this winter we got a fairly nasty ice storm. Some of the plants in our yard had up to inch-thick ice on them. I've been stuck working from home for the last two days, and am still not sure if things will melt enough for me to go in tomorrow. I took Sean outside to play on the ice this morning. From in the house, I don't think that he had even noticed that anything interesting has been going on for the last couple of days. But once I got him outside, he had a blast. He kept slipping and sliding as he walked, he checked out all of his outdoor toys, picked up big chunks of ice to look them over more carefully - I had a ton of fun just watching him. When he wasn't saying "wow!", he was giving a big, silly, exagerated "brrrrr!".

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