Don’t Cry Mommy

During the ice storm, we were out of our house for about 12 days, all told. We spent the majority of that time at my folks' condo up in the mountains. It was Lori, the kids, the dogs, and I, plus my parents, their two dogs, and their two cats. Everyone was trying real hard to make the best of it, but it was a pretty stressful arangement - especially with Christmas looming. So we were all worn a little thin. At one point, I accidentally walked in on Lori crying in the second bedroom, just overwhelmed by it all. So I'm trying to console her, but it was Sean who finally got her to smile. He was headed to the bathroom, and heard his mom crying. So he came in, wrapped his arms around her legs in a great big hug, and said, "Don't cry Mommy, it's ok. There aren't any monsters in here."