Chopstick Assassin Productions

I was digging through some old backup CDs, looking for old episodes of a podcast I used to listen to. In the process of looking through all of those CDs, I found the image you see below. Some of you may remember this image from the old website I used to run, back when I was in college at RIT. That page existed from then until just a couple of years ago, when the hosting contract finally expired. At one point, I had a stack of these made up as stickers. I put one on my old Escort, and then promptly lost the other 499 stickers. I've gone looking for them several times, but have never managed to find them again.

2 thoughts on “Chopstick Assassin Productions”

  1. The weirdest part about it is that I almost never lose anything. I eventually throw things out, and then wish I hadn’t – but I never really lose something. Which makes it even more maddening, because I really liked those stickers. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve gone over to my mom’s and rooted through my boxes in the attic for these things. I am utterly convinced that they are still up there somewhere.

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