Sea World San Diego

We checked out Sea World while in San Diego, as well. It was ok, but overly commercialized for my taste. It was more rides and games than animals, and even then every single animal exhibit forced you to walk through a gift shop on the way out. But the show we saw we saw with the seals was pretty entertaining.

Bonsai Trees

While at the SD Wild Animal Park we came upon an exhibit of Bonsai trees. These were pretty amazing. Some of them looked incredibly old, and they were all less than a few feet high. I've always been fascinated by these trees and the skill and time that goes into training them to grow this way. I had a small one as a teenager and promptly killed it. Someday - maybe in retirement - I'd like to give it another go.

SD Wild Animal Park

While out in San Diego Lori and I checked out the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park out near Escondido. It's not the zoo proper - it's where they do a lot of their breeding and that sort of stuff for both the zoo and for reintroducing endangered animals back into the wild. They said that decades ago when the facility wasn't open to the public people used to hop the fences and sneak in at night, so for safety's sake they decided to make a real park of it. It's pretty cool - big portions of the park are just giant fenced in areas where lots of animals commingle and roam free.

Scenes from La Jolla

We were on vacation last week, in San Diego. Lori and I have never gone away together just the two of us, so it was almost like a second honeymoon. We had such a good time. Here are a few scenes from around town, near our hotel in La Jolla.